Garden Waste Bags Caloundra, Maroochydore, Noosa, Sunshine Coast

Servicing The Sunshine Coast from Caloundra to Noosa

This service forms part of a Regular Collection. Our Large 700L bags are great for handling bulky Green waste. Many of our customers have a council green bin together with our bag.


Strictly garden waste consisting of foilage, lawn clippings, palm fronds, etc.

Not accepted: Tree branches larger than 200mm in diameter, dirt and rubble etc.

If you are primarlily using your bag for lawn clippings don't allow it to be filled more than half before testing for weight. If you can't move it with a hand trolley then we will struggle also.

In the event of a bag that is overweight and can not be collected, we will supply an additional bag and frame for the client to reclassify the waste. If the bag and/or frame are damaged the full cost is passed onto the client.

We have a general waste collection service, please refer to skip bins or rubbish collection.
No GST applies as we are not required to register under current taxation law. No tax invoice will be supplied. A reciept is available upon request.

I agree with Terms and Conditions

Free set up if you elect to wait until the next scheduled run is in your area.
Payment is in advance. Collections are offered every 4 weeks.
Collections are weather permitting, so we will message you the day before.
If the service is not required due to limited use you can elect to opt out of a service. Just return message and there will be no charges.
Please note the conditions of use.
80kg limit.
Green waste only.
No dirt. No mixed waste.

Direct deposit

BSB 084484 AC 129019386

What do you do with dead palm fronds?
You can manage palm fronds/leaves doing the following. If they are small enough simply wind into the bag to form a horizontal circle inside the bag. If your palm fronds are large remove the cup of the frond and stack like a babushka doll starting from the largest progressively to smallest.

If the palm cups are very large and mis-shapened they can take up valuable real estate in your garden bag. You will need to wet down and place a tarp over them. Once moistened the palm frond cup will be able to be reshaped. Use the babushka doll approach here and each cup will hold the other in shape.

You can avoid all this by cutting and stacking as you go. Palm seed pods also present challenges. These too can take up alot of space. The key here is to cut the pods before they open